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des_pen's Journal

I Will Wait For You: Desmond and Penny
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Welcome to the Desmond/Penny shippers' community.

//About this Community//
Fics, graphics, vids, general discussions, episode reviews, or anything else you can think of that relates to the Desmond/Penny ship or just to Desmond, Penny, Henry Ian, or Sonya is welcome here!

//The Rules//

* Please use headers (e.g. ICONS, FANFIC, DRABBLE, EPISODE, etc) in the subject line of your post.

* Episode-related information is considered a SPOILER until 24 hours after an episode has aired. This timeframe is a buffer for West Coast people and people who have to download or tape the episode in order to see it. As a courtesy, cut episode information with an LJ-cut until at least Thursday 9pm EST. All posts that do not follow this rule will be deleted. For our overseas brethren, I'm sorry, but we will be running off of the first-run schedule; if you're spoilerphobic here's not the place to be.

* If you have a fanfic or speculation/theory that integrates spoilers about future episodes, please LJ-cut those until 24 hours after the episode has aired.

* Introductory posts are welcome. We'd love to know who's here.

* Please do not post RPF (Real Person Fic) in the community. Henry Ian and Sonya are real people, and we'd like to respect their privacy.

* Advertising other communities or personal web sites is strongly discouraged.

* Finally, respect your fellow shipper. Remember - we all come from different backgrounds and we all hold different opinions.


//Credits & Maintance//
This community is maintained by chicafrom3. Header by fandomfrom3; layout coding, background, etc., by premade_ljs.


If you would like to affiliate, comment to this post or drop me an e-mail.

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